DIY Lip Plumper

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Hello there dearests, I’m going to show you how to make an effective lip plumper balm which will also add some spice to your lips in this cold weather.

You will need: Carmex/Vaseline, ground chili powder,  ground cumin, cinnamon, an empty lip balm container, a microwavable dish and a spoon.

Use a  teaspoon of ground cumin, a teaspoon of cinnamon (this is so nice in the winter) and a pinch of  chili powder (the more generous you are with this, the more sting it will give)lipplumper1lipplumper2

Squeeze you’re full tube of carmex into the microwavable dish. I use carmex because it already has a stinging effect but also protects the lips. You can use vaseline and if you prefer you can use pink vaseline either, to give it a bit of colour.lipplumper3

Add all of your spices.lipplumper4

Then melt in the microwave for one minute, stir the mixture well afterwards. The heat will infuse all of the spices and carmex together. The cinnamon I’ve used gives the mixture its brown colour, this is not visible on the lips when applied. If you like at this point when the mix has cooled a bit, test some on your lips, if you feel it needs more kick then add another tiny pinch of chili.lipplumper5

With a spoon or small spatula, transfer the mix into your lip balm container.lipplumper6

Then put this in the fridge to harden for about a half hour. And that’s it you’ve made your very own lip plumper.lips 002

Here it is about a minute after I applied it to my lips. lips 010

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